Welcome to the official page of BOBGOBLIN, a band whose current line-up has been together since 1994, building on a concept that started in 1992.  After some creative diversions over the years, including a period in which we released a couple of records under the name AOJ (Adventures of Jet), the group is more committed than ever to bringing our many musical, visual, and conceptual ideas to light, even as the twilight begins to sprint with us in our race to the finish while the noise of digital shit tries to drown us out.  Join us on this and other sites as we continue to release new songs, unveil new videos, and discuss the issues and inspirations that help feed our rock n' roll rants.  Make sure to sign up for our mailing list or follow us if you'd like to be notified when new songs and videos are released and when new shows are announced.  In our world, you that enjoy the BOB's rock are the Black Market Party, the boldest and most independent-spirited rock n' roll fans on Earth.  Stay tuned to this BMP channel and we will continue to lead the march of the party as we have done for the long haul.  Let's Rock!  


This video, created for reasons I do not currently know, is pretty damn sweet on a number of levels relating to our band history, with none of them really having anything to do with our deer-eyed, mandatory viewings of this show in the early stages of fatherhood.  Rather...besides the fact that it's set to Joy Division, which would be worthy enough on its reminds me personally of when we would play a Dallas club in the mid-late 90s, and then afterwards convene at Tony's crib near Fair Park to decompress; we would turn on the tube at like 2:30-3am and this show would be one of the few things on (Tony did not have cable).  We would just sit and stare at the screen and wonder what in the absolute fuck was going on.  It was clear that The Teletubbies was obviously an extremely viable option for late-night candy flippers who did not have a laser show or a rave handy.  To add to the nostalgia....soon after we had made ourselves aware of this crazy-ass show, conservatives, just like they do in almost every circumstance today, brought this show up and regarded it as some sort of ploy to recruit toddlers into the fold of homosexuality.  Ummm....yeah, whatever.  That wrinkle naturally made the show way cooler than it probably would have otherwise been, transforming a benign attempt by BBC producers to occupy a child's brain with comforting scenes for a small portion of the day into a significant work of art by virtue of involuntary activism.  Lastly, the shitty quality of this edit reminds me of of some of the weird cable access programs of the late 80s and 90s - not necessarily a good thing, but certainly of a time, as shitty-looking cable access productions of the 90s  had their own vibe compared to the usual shitty-looking YouTube videos of today.  I'm sure many would disagree, but from my POV....there is much more to this vid than the sum of its parts:

Truth from Musical Fiction  

Once again one of our songs, which are often fictional constructs based on our world view, is proven correct from the source.  In this case, it's "Hide from Tomorrow" from Love Lost For Blood Lust.  I'm not saying that we're always the first to call this shit, but we think about this kind of stuff A LOT, especially because we like to write songs about it, and we definitely try to stay on the forefront.  Of course, you have to understand that with our budget, it often takes years to actually get these songs recorded, so we can never prove it when we called it first  ;P.
Escape for the 1%

If you'd like an appropriate soundtrack for your read, the band abides:
Hide From Tomorrow


Thanks again to all you BMP'ers for the great shows in Chicago, St. Louis, Little Rock, Tyler, and Fort Worth. We had a blast throughout. We put together a video of selections from a few of the shows....enjoy! Continue to spread the word, share the videos, including our recent conceptual video for "Sinistar," and we'll continue to work to get all of our new music out there ASAP. Rock Forth!

NEW VIDEO for Sinistar! 

It's the first fully-conceived music video we've made for our own band in many years, which is sort of embarrassing considering that, given the tools and skills we have available, we should pretty much own the whole idea of making independent videos.  There are more in the works, so perhaps we'll catch up to our own expectations, but in the meantime, rock out to this new video, and check out the new advance "Virtual 45" on our music page, featuring this song and another track from the forthcoming classic arcade tribute EP, THRUSTER.


What the cops in this video should have said:  "Sir, could you please leave the area, because I'm a natural-born, huge cock and I'm really feeling the urge to bust out my taser on someone right now.  In fact, I'd really like to shoot you, several times.  Yes, it's absolutely correct that you're within your rights to be here and to not answer any of my questions, but being the huge cock that I am, I just don't give a shit, so save yourself a lot of trouble and clear out of my general area."  That would have been fair warning.  The problem with these cops in Minnesota is that they've never seen an African-American before in the flesh, so they are absolutely confused as to how to deal with meeting him.  I will give the Minnesotan Fuzz one thing....people of their ilk in many other places would have relished the opportunity to just shoot this man as many times as their clip allows.   


With Missourian Jeff Mizanskey having to seek clemency (almost certainly without success) after 21 years of incarceration for a pot charge, officials in his state get this site's "Assholes of the Month" award, particularly when you combine the revival of this news with the events in Ferguson.  Both situations will inspire an unending civil war of words from internet loiterers of all stripes (of course, any reasonable debate will naturally turn into the gibberish of drooling babies in no time), but it seems to me that Missouri officials have made it clear that they stand with the nation as a whole when it comes to the ratio of crime to punishment.  Pocket knife and an unpleasant demeanor?  How's about nine bullets in your face!  Can't stop smoking dope?  How's about you go to jail...for Life!  I'm sure that some would argue that Mizanskey knew what he was setting himself up for, considering Missouri's ridiculous three-strikes policy, but I imagine that in his 21 years he has watched a few homicidal drunk drivers walk through the prison doors to freedom after serving lesser terms....because, after all, alcohol is legal.  Even though it's my duty as a pessimist to say that "assholes rarely listen to reason," you can at least try to do something here.


After starting BOBGOBLIN as a concept around 1992, we in this solidified line-up have been rocking together for 20 years, since the time of our 1994 independent release, JET.  We did indeed spend a good deal of time, post-major-label, under the moniker of our more poppy alter-ego AOJ (Adventures of Jet), and honestly we might have found more success with that endeavor overall.  However, a few years back, certain socio-politcal issues inspired us to return to our original path, refocusing on the ideological and artistic inclinations that defined why we set out on this journey together in the first place.  Since our return to the original name and to our rejuvenated pursuit, we have been hard at work on a few different records and a few video projects.  As yet, all of these projects are in various states of completion, but many of the songs are already available in digital form, making it fairly clear where we stand and what we are after 20-plus years of friendship.  If you are new to the world of BOBGOBLIN, we invite you to go to the MUSIC page and acquaint yourself with some of our 20 years of rock.  There may come a day when it's simply not feasible to tour at all, but for better or worse, we will likely keep churning out tunes until the union is broken by the hooded skeleton.  We hope you continue to tune in until "The Last Ride."     


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