Welcome to the official page of BOBGOBLIN, a band whose current line-up has been together since 1994, building on a concept that started in 1992.  After some creative diversions over the years, including a period in which we released a couple of records under the name AOJ (Adventures of Jet), the group is more committed than ever to bringing our many musical, visual, and conceptual ideas to light, even as the twilight begins to sprint with us in our race to the finish while the noise of digital shit tries to drown us out.  Join us on this and other sites as we continue to release new songs, unveil new videos, and discuss the issues and inspirations that help feed our rock n' roll rants.  Make sure to sign up for our mailing list or follow us if you'd like to be notified when new songs and videos are released and when new shows are announced.  In our world, you that enjoy the BOB's rock are the Black Market Party, the boldest and most independent-spirited rock n' roll fans on Earth.  Stay tuned to this BMP channel and we will continue to lead the march of the party as we have done for the long haul.  Let's Rock!  


Physical copies of LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST can finally be acquired via our store and at  The full collection is being redistributed digitally to all of usual online outlets and streaming services and should be available any day on iTunes, AmazonMp3, Spotify, et al.  Make sure to leave remarks in the review section of your favorite online service and help the world know about The BOB!.


BOBGOBLIN.COM! Yes, it took us years - there was studio r
emodeling, life changes for the engineer, songs that we worked long and hard on that were eventually tossed, other recording projects for 3rd parties that had actual due dates - but we're finally proclaiming this record complete. It is now live here at, and it will be available on CD at our Dallas Release Show at Three Links - Deep Ellum, TX on September 10, from our site store after that, and at other online and brick-and-mortar stores after that. Note that we have taken down the "Part I" version from online stores (iTunes, Spotify, etc), and it is being replaced by the full collection, which may take up to a few weeks. We will notify everyone when it is available at the various online outlets. Now it's time for the BMP to engage, and to get the word out about this record and The BOB!


So, there are a few general issues to discuss in the world of BOBGOBLIN this morning.

1) PART I GIVES WAY TO FULL RELEASE: We had a select group of songs from LOVE LOST for BLOOD LUST available on different online music services like iTunes, Spotify, rdio, Amazon, etc.  Those will be taken down in favor of the complete album.  There will likely be a 2-week to 1 month period during which no song from that record will be available via those services, but of course the entire record will be available on our site and via during that downtime.  We will notify everyone when the album is available via iTunes, et al.

2) MAILING LIST: Even though we haven't corresponded via email up to this point, instead relying on our Facebook and Twitter posts to get word out, we do have a growing number of you on our mailing list.  That being the case, we are inclined to start using our mailing list for bigger announcements, so true Jet-rockers and BMP'ers will know via email when we have new songs posted and new shows announced.  If you would like to be on that list, please sign up here so we can notify you when big missions have been completed or are being planned.

3) VINYL AND THRUSTER: For those curious, we do plan to have a special vinyl package available for LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST, and since THRUSTER is getting closer to completion, we may have vinyl for that album right behind it.  It does take a very long time to get vinyl produced, via the service that we use at least, so by the time we actually get copies of LLFBL in our hands, it will be time to put the THRUSTER package together.  Note that THRUSTER will have the 5-6 classic arcade tribute songs that we had been planning to do for like 15 years, two of which are here, but to round it out to a full release, unreleased tracks and other songs unrelated to the arcade collection will be added.

4) BMP'ERS UNITE AND CONQUER: Indeed, it does take a long time for us to get things done, since we're trying to do so many other things to finance our real job of making BOB-rock, but realize that we are always writing and trying to get in the studio.  In the case of LOVE LOST, much time was taken up by the many tracks that came and went, either because we just weren't happy with them or because we decided the song didn't fit the vibe of collection.  Thus, we relegated them to the "unreleased tracks" bin even though we did spend a good deal of time on them.  We also bailed out of the LLFBL project for while to work on other records for other people and purposes.  Plus there were changes in the studio, changes in lives...things happen, and no one is behind a curtain demanding that we deliver this or that (meanwhile, it took only a couple months to deliver a full-featured album of tunes that were demanded of us by a music licensing'll probably never hear those).  Be that as it may, LLFBL is now finally ready as a complete collection that we are very happy with, and as we distribute and support that record, promoting it in earnest for the first time while producing videos to go along with it, we are right back to the paper, writing the next collection.  No matter how small our fan base is, no matter the amount of detractions we may receive from...detractors, and no matter how much even people close to us may scoff, THIS is what we were born to do, and we will keep rockin' on...because we simply can't help it.  SO GET OUT THERE BMP, and let the people know that BOBGOBLIN is for real, and they're coming to rock your socks off!!



Believe it not, we're actually about to have the entire LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST record posted on the music page, followed by an actual CD, which is on its way to us.  That's the big news, of course.  BUT as we prepare our site and other online outlets for the availability of the complete LOVE LOST collection, we also wanted to hip you to the fact that along with another sneak peak at the NEXT release, we've made this 2-year-old, random, retro-techno mix of "Poor Daniel" available on the music page.  Not big news for you true Jet-rockers out there waiting on more from LOVE LOST and THRUSTER, but if you're like a certain prominent Dallas-based journalist (and all-around cool dude, who will know who he is) who once told us, "Man, that techno mix of Poor Daniel is MY JAM....I mean, the real song is okay, but THAT IS MY JAM" might enjoy this.  Not sure what possessed...uh, Mass spend that much time on this thing, but I imagine there was a Paul Hardcastle possession involved, and a subsequent exorcism.  Actually, there is a George Orwell quote in this mix, the idea behind which influences a good bit of our songwriting and imagery, and it sums up the ideas in the real "Poor Daniel" song perhaps as well or better than could otherwise be understood: "Always, there will be the intoxication of every moment, there will be the thrill of victory of trampling on an enemy who's helpless."



There are tracks that we've done that I personally consider more true to the original BOBGOBLIN concept than others.  The songs most phallic in their satire, most pointed towards man's (the male gender specifically) will to show that he can run shit into the ground when he so desires, and most resembling of a rock 'n' roll tank-blast, are the ones that most exemplify the ongoing, "Strangelov-ean" mission that we embarked on over 20 years ago.  There aren't too many in the repertoire that drastically depart from that mission - for better or worse - but what could be more true to the mission than a song titled "Missile Command?"  This track wil be part of the forthcoming classic arcade tribute EP, THRUSTER, which had been in the queue for many years before we finally got around to it.  As those close to us know, it takes many years of us navigating our workaday duties, tending to our loved ones and saving money to complete these fully independent projects, but on the eve of finally coming out with a physical product for the LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST album, THRUSTER is on its way to completion.  Note: THRUSTER will not only contain the classic arcade tribute songs, it will also be rounded out by unreleased bonus tracks from the LOVE LOST sessions and other unheard tracks.


When this song came out, one could follow a number of known acts that were much more overtly subversive and provocative than these girls from LA.  In my own early attempts to reach for stuff that my peers ignored, no matter the musical genre or style, I didn't give them much of my time then, even though their presence couldn't be easily escaped.  However, when you consider the very unfortunate and shocking happenstance that there would not TO THIS DAY be another all-female band - who wrote their own stuff - to chart and resonate like the Go Gos did, they almost become subversive and provocative by default as a band who broke through a gender barrier and likely inspired a large section of the young female population who may have had yet to find a seemingly more profound feminist inspiration.  Of course, even though I consider myself in no position to comment on how female acts develop or how they should, or by what young females should be inspired, I by no means fault women for the fact that all-female-band successes on that level are not ever-present.  I naturally fault the different forms of corporate marginalization, as I do with most issues. But I digress.  Though their videos featured them in colorful, inoffensive clothing and smiling faces, and though they lacked the indie cool factor of bands like their overtly subversive contemporaries The Slits or more recent all-female acts like Sleater-Kinney, there is enough raw and unabashed energy to those early recordings, with their mix of surf, mod-rock and what I would call "pre-emo," that to ignore the cool factor of BEAUTY AND THE BEAT and parts of VACATION is, in my opinion, to be blinded by the commercialization that occurred as soon as it was learned that they might be something special.  If nothing else, from a song-writing standpoint, the Go Gos best songs are - if there were an objective measure for a great song - about as good as they get.  I mean, "Our Lips Are Sealed," We Got the Beat," "Head Over Heels," and "Vacation"....that's a significant amount of undeniably hooky and superbly constructed songs that were not only huge hits, they were important as cultural statements.  Factoring in production, the potential angles of lyrical interpretation, cultural importance, song structure, and melodic hook, I would put "Our Lips are Sealed" on my list of the Top 20 American Pop-Rock songs (Talking Heads' "Once in a Lifetime" is and will always be No.1, and the Beach Boys could possibly sit on about 30% of the list).  I suppose it seems, at this point, that I'm just some Go Gos fanboy that can't stand not to express his love for them and try to convince would-be readers of their coolness.  Uh...not really.  Admittedly I've only listened to their two seminal records a handful of times, whereas I've listened to the Breeders LAST SPLASH album, for example, like 1200 times, and I'd much rather listen to Kleenex or The Slits if I'm just passing time.  However, I just heard this song again recently, and it dawned on me that there may be an under-appreciation of their significance by whatever pop-culture intelligentsia there may be (and if there is such a thing...fuck them anyway) and that perhaps beneath the veil of American wholesomeness and commercial-acceptability lies an unacknowledged yet inherent subversiveness. I'm sure some Sontag-ian essayist has put it all together in a more intelligent way, so let's just set that very long-winded introduction aside, and say that if "Our Lips are Sealed" were on top of the charts today, it would perhaps be seen as a most poignant indictment of our current, troll-ridden, social-media-centric, news-as-propaganda culture....or it could a be the co-opted themesong for the corporations that make up the American military industrial complex. 



I guess the Earth is not necessarily dropping huge turds more than it always has, we just get to watch it drop the turds more often now, AND we get to see what the turds actually look like!  Todays turd? It's this random-ass person from Dallas, unfortunately, who enjoys her role as a business owner/CEO, but doesn't think women have the right gender-makeup for the presidency.  We wouldn't give her the satisfaction of bringing her up (in fact, let's borrow Karl Rove's nickname and call her Turd Blossom in place of her real name), except her zig-zaggy position on the matter sounded EXACTLY like the response that supporting politicians were throwing around recently in regards to the Freedom of Religion bills.  Their reasoning was pretty much this:  "I'm not saying people shouldn't be free to be what they are and live their lives, I'm just saying that we should have the right to deny their freedom so that ours can be preserved.  But I am in no way saying they shouldn't have their rights, I'm just saying that we need to preserve's just that the only way to do that is by limiting theirs."  Almost as if she picked up on that meme, Blossom justified her stance: "By no means am I saying every woman out there who doesn't do what I do is a bad female, or that your daughter shouldn't aspire to be the president.  If that's what she wants, that's great, go for it. All it means is that I don't support that, that's my personal opinion."  We have to give her props for taking note of the talking points that were thrown around a few weeks ago on a different subject and reworking them here when the need is to backtrack.  Clevah, Sis!  Clevah, clevah!  I suppose we also have to give Today's Turd mad props for somehow being more relevant than all the other Hoosiers that say random crap on Facebook.  We've been saying random crap and backing it up with a killer soundtrack for years, but apparently if random crap has a great hook, it's not the kind of random crap that deserves relevancy.  Oh, Blossom is also going to move to Canada if Clinton becomes president.  Please do, Blossom!  I recommend a secluded area in the Northwest Territories, as you probably won't have much use for the places in Canada where there are people, considering that those people made Canada the first place outside of Europe to legalize same-sex marriage.  They also maintain a position of legal abortion, pot-smoking, and a way more Obamacare-y version of Obamacare!  We've saved you the research, might prefer staying in Texas even under the presidency of a woman.  As a side note - we do not condone a Hillary Clinton presidency ourselves, but would love to see another woman be president.  Fortunately or unfortunately, she has too much sense for it.


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