There are tracks that we've done that I personally consider more true to the original BOBGOBLIN concept than others.  The songs most phallic in their satire, most pointed towards man's (the male gender specifically) will to show that he can run shit into the ground when he so desires, and most resembling of a rock 'n' roll tank-blast, are the ones that most exemplify the ongoing, "Strangelov-ean" mission that we embarked on over 20 years ago.  There aren't too many in the repertoire that drastically depart from that mission - for better or worse - but what could be more true to the mission than a song titled "Missile Command?"  This track wil be part of the forthcoming classic arcade tribute EP, THRUSTER, which had been in the queue for many years before we finally got around to it.  As those close to us know, it takes many years of us navigating our workaday duties, tending to our loved ones and saving money to complete these fully independent projects, but on the eve of finally coming out with a physical product for the LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST album, THRUSTER is on its way to completion.  Note: THRUSTER will not only contain the classic arcade tribute songs, it will also be rounded out by unreleased bonus tracks from the LOVE LOST sessions and other unheard tracks.

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