So, there are a few general issues to discuss in the world of BOBGOBLIN this morning.

1) PART I GIVES WAY TO FULL RELEASE: We had a select group of songs from LOVE LOST for BLOOD LUST available on different online music services like iTunes, Spotify, rdio, Amazon, etc.  Those will be taken down in favor of the complete album.  There will likely be a 2-week to 1 month period during which no song from that record will be available via those services, but of course the entire record will be available on our site and via during that downtime.  We will notify everyone when the album is available via iTunes, et al.

2) MAILING LIST: Even though we haven't corresponded via email up to this point, instead relying on our Facebook and Twitter posts to get word out, we do have a growing number of you on our mailing list.  That being the case, we are inclined to start using our mailing list for bigger announcements, so true Jet-rockers and BMP'ers will know via email when we have new songs posted and new shows announced.  If you would like to be on that list, please sign up here so we can notify you when big missions have been completed or are being planned.

3) VINYL AND THRUSTER: For those curious, we do plan to have a special vinyl package available for LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST, and since THRUSTER is getting closer to completion, we may have vinyl for that album right behind it.  It does take a very long time to get vinyl produced, via the service that we use at least, so by the time we actually get copies of LLFBL in our hands, it will be time to put the THRUSTER package together.  Note that THRUSTER will have the 5-6 classic arcade tribute songs that we had been planning to do for like 15 years, two of which are here, but to round it out to a full release, unreleased tracks and other songs unrelated to the arcade collection will be added.

4) BMP'ERS UNITE AND CONQUER: Indeed, it does take a long time for us to get things done, since we're trying to do so many other things to finance our real job of making BOB-rock, but realize that we are always writing and trying to get in the studio.  In the case of LOVE LOST, much time was taken up by the many tracks that came and went, either because we just weren't happy with them or because we decided the song didn't fit the vibe of collection.  Thus, we relegated them to the "unreleased tracks" bin even though we did spend a good deal of time on them.  We also bailed out of the LLFBL project for while to work on other records for other people and purposes.  Plus there were changes in the studio, changes in lives...things happen, and no one is behind a curtain demanding that we deliver this or that (meanwhile, it took only a couple months to deliver a full-featured album of tunes that were demanded of us by a music licensing'll probably never hear those).  Be that as it may, LLFBL is now finally ready as a complete collection that we are very happy with, and as we distribute and support that record, promoting it in earnest for the first time while producing videos to go along with it, we are right back to the paper, writing the next collection.  No matter how small our fan base is, no matter the amount of detractions we may receive from...detractors, and no matter how much even people close to us may scoff, THIS is what we were born to do, and we will keep rockin' on...because we simply can't help it.  SO GET OUT THERE BMP, and let the people know that BOBGOBLIN is for real, and they're coming to rock your socks off!!


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  • GF

    GF Dallas

    Soooo want some Bobgoblin vinyl

    Soooo want some Bobgoblin vinyl

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