From the recording LOVE LOST FOR BLOOD LUST

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On the gray and blood-stained grass below 
There is snow. 
Frozen scenes that no one wants to know, 
In the snow. 
Usually this time of year, birds are here from South. 
Presently there's no telling up from down. 

Nowhere is the best place you could go 
In this snow. 
Days are dark and nights seem moreso slow. 
The clouds all glow. 
Nevermind the blaming for 
This, the last great crime. 
Accidents and war, matters just of time. 

Serpents left on edge and curled, 
Madly placed in every hole in the world. 
What good could have come? Everyone left dumb. 
Nothing left to show. 
All we've ever come to know 
Beneath eternal snow 

This is where noise filled the air and now 
Not a sound. 
For all that we know we're the last souls 
Still around. 
Some reward for pressing on for another day.... 
Watching reason, hope, love and life decay 
In the snow. 
Snow....eternal snow.