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From the recording PLAY - SINGLE TRACK - 2014

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Released August 7, 2014 (In response to another one of the growing number of mass shootings, for which nothing is ever politically done)
Hop Litzwire - Vocals and Lyrics
Tony Jannotta - Guitar and Bass
Rob Avsharian - Drums
Produced by Litzwire at Litzwire Sound and Vision


I guess you haven't noticed
The bullets flying over our heads.
Don't let the bad news mess
With your plans for recess.
Go on and play.

How did you even get here
Passed the checks and questionnaires?
You couldn't meet standards
If the judges weren't panders.

It seems like this your every answer to questions
Waiting for adults to analyze:
Circle 'round it like a tyrant,
Point your finger,
And avoiding blame you run away and
Go on and PLAY!

You give the same speeches
As increasing fire unleashes.
Is it the repetition
That makes truth from any lie then?

Are you the best that we can could come up with?
Someone just looking for the chance to play the game?
The only change you know about
Gets put inside your pocket,
Jingling as you run away and
Go on and Play.