What the cops in this video should have said:  "Sir, could you please leave the area, because I'm a natural-born, huge cock and I'm really feeling the urge to bust out my taser on someone right now.  In fact, I'd really like to shoot you, several times.  Yes, it's absolutely correct that you're within your rights to be here and to not answer any of my questions, but being the huge cock that I am, I just don't give a shit, so save yourself a lot of trouble and clear out of my general area."  That would have been fair warning.  The problem with these cops in Minnesota is that they've never seen an African-American before in the flesh, so they are absolutely confused as to how to deal with meeting him.  I will give the Minnesotan Fuzz one thing....people of their ilk in many other places would have relished the opportunity to just shoot this man as many times as their clip allows.