With Missourian Jeff Mizanskey having to seek clemency (almost certainly without success) after 21 years of incarceration for a pot charge, officials in his state get this site's "Assholes of the Month" award, particularly when you combine the revival of this news with the events in Ferguson.  Both situations will inspire an unending civil war of words from internet loiterers of all stripes (of course, any reasonable debate will naturally turn into the gibberish of drooling babies in no time), but it seems to me that Missouri officials have made it clear that they stand with the nation as a whole when it comes to the ratio of crime to punishment.  Pocket knife and an unpleasant demeanor?  How's about nine bullets in your face!  Can't stop smoking dope?  How's about you go to jail...for Life!  I'm sure that some would argue that Mizanskey knew what he was setting himself up for, considering Missouri's ridiculous three-strikes policy, but I imagine that in his 21 years he has watched a few homicidal drunk drivers walk through the prison doors to freedom after serving lesser terms....because, after all, alcohol is legal.  Even though it's my duty as a pessimist to say that "assholes rarely listen to reason," you can at least try to do something here.