This video, created for reasons I do not currently know, is pretty damn sweet on a number of levels relating to our band history, with none of them really having anything to do with our deer-eyed, mandatory viewings of this show in the early stages of fatherhood.  Rather...besides the fact that it's set to Joy Division, which would be worthy enough on its own....it reminds me personally of when we would play a Dallas club in the mid-late 90s, and then afterwards convene at Tony's crib near Fair Park to decompress; we would turn on the tube at like 2:30-3am and this show would be one of the few things on (Tony did not have cable).  We would just sit and stare at the screen and wonder what in the absolute fuck was going on.  It was clear that The Teletubbies was obviously an extremely viable option for late-night candy flippers who did not have a laser show or a rave handy.  To add to the nostalgia....soon after we had made ourselves aware of this crazy-ass show, conservatives, just like they do in almost every circumstance today, brought this show up and regarded it as some sort of ploy to recruit toddlers into the fold of homosexuality.  Ummm....yeah, whatever.  That wrinkle naturally made the show way cooler than it probably would have otherwise been, transforming a benign attempt by BBC producers to occupy a child's brain with comforting scenes for a small portion of the day into a significant work of art by virtue of involuntary activism.  Lastly, the shitty quality of this edit reminds me of of some of the weird cable access programs of the late 80s and 90s - not necessarily a good thing, but certainly of a time, as shitty-looking cable access productions of the 90s  had their own vibe compared to the usual shitty-looking YouTube videos of today.  I'm sure many would disagree, but from my POV....there is much more to this vid than the sum of its parts: